10 years have passed as a Velonaut

10 years as a Velonaut.

Exactly at 8.21 on March 21, 2010,

My new Leitra and C.G. Rasmussen in 2010

I officially became a Velonaut. That day I got my first Velomobil handover, a Leitra made by C.G Rasmussen.

The paint was amazing

My nice painted Leitra

Unfortunately, Leitra was hit by a car in July 2012 and was declared completely damaged, At that time, the wait for a new velomobile was a year.

Fortunately, a new velomobil dealer started in Denmark, and fortunately I was able to get a new velomobil model Strada November 24, 2012

Here form HPVfor velomobiles in Leer 2013

Have done many trips in Europe in my orange Strada the first long tour was Euroutour 2013

And Scandinavian Super Brevet 2013


And Paris-Brest-Paris 2015..:

Paris_brest-Paris 2015

In May 2019 i got an black and white Strada carbon.

Strada Carbon 2019

I am blessed with 2 velomobiles when my son has not “grabbed” one

Strada and Strada Carbon

Since 2010 I have cycled between 20,000 and 25,000 kilometers every year, the 5000 of them are not in a velomobile, but MTB, DogBike .. etc

I am ready for 10 more years 🙂

Video from my “backyard”